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How to clean the walls of the house and remove stains from the walls

What are the best, green and economical methods to clean the walls of the house?

Even the walls of the house sometimes need a good cleaning. What are the best, green and economical methods to clean walls?

How to clean the walls of the house and remove stains from the walls

Footprints, splashes of sauce, markers when there are small ones, and stains of all kinds. From the chair he rests to the radiator that puffs up, even the walls of the house are put to the test, and staining, sanitizing, or keeping them a little clean is a rule. But how to wash the walls of the house in a simple and effective way?

It seems little, yet time is above all the number one enemy of the walls unless at home you have hordes of barbarians disguised as children who do not take anything to spread a little chocolate on the pure white of the living room. But, in addition to devilish puppets, the walls inevitably get stained in the long run also due to dust and dirt.

Removing stains from walls requires a few small steps: first of all it is good to identify the type of stain to remove so that it can be removed in a workmanlike manner, and the type of wall to be treated, so as to avoid nasty surprises. Before proceeding with the actual cleaning, it is then useful to remove the dust and dirt with a microfibre cloth or with a vacuum cleaner so as not to leave streaks.

The dust must also be removed from the ceiling, without forgetting the corners, using a duvet with an extendable telescope but also a normal brush around which you have tied a microfiber cloth.

How to wash the walls to remove signs of furniture and paintings

After dusting, do a good wash. That's right! Even the walls of the house occasionally need a "shower". If the paint is washable, dab the walls (white or colored) with a sponge soaked in a solution of water and neutral soap or water and bicarbonate: squeeze it well and then wipe with a damp cloth to remove any traces of soap.

If the paint is not washable, maybe act only where there are signs to remove: the halos of paintings and furniture, for example, will go away easily by rubbing a little toothpaste on the areas of interest: leave it to act for a few minutes and rinse with a soft cloth and slightly damp.

In all cases, excessively soaked clothes should not be used.

We reserve a separate treatment for wallpaper. Distinguish that of vinyl and that of fabric finished with acrylic or vinyl material, easy to clean, from that of simple paper, which must never be wet. In all cases, even here, before proceeding with the actual cleaning, it is good to dust without ever using rough sponges.

How to remove all stains from the walls

There are many natural remedies, in all cases, it is advisable to first test on hidden areas of the walls to avoid finding the house with polka dots.

Yellow spots

Stoves, radiators, and even fireplaces, who doesn't know those yellow mustaches that cause heat? Unsightly yellow spots are formed that can easily go away with a damp cloth soaked in a little baking soda. Be careful not to rub too hard because the baking soda could scratch the wall.
The yellow stains caused by chimneys are a little more difficult to eradicate, so it is better to prevent them by vacuuming the wall at least once a month: put a microfiber cloth on the brush of the vacuum cleaner to remove all residues.

Spots of mold

First, pass a dry cloth and then one wet with hydrogen peroxide and at the end dry the walls with a hairdryer and pass a brush to remove the residues.

Or soak a clean cloth in a solution of one liter of water, three tablespoons of baking soda, and three tablespoons of salt and rub. Also in this case dry at the end with the hairdryer.

Stains from grease, tomato, and other foods

Poor kitchen! Stains are lurking and you need to really take care of the walls. The lemon
will come to your aid if you are dealing with sauce stains: put the juice of a lemon on the area to be cleaned, let it act for about an hour, and rinse with water and neutral soap.

For greasy stains, on the other hand, you could use turpentine to rub with a cloth, leaving it to act for a few minutes. For wallpaper, in case of greasy dirt, place some absorbent paper on the stains and wipe with iron at minimum temperature. The paper will absorb traces of grease.

Finally, for chocolate stains, a mixture of water and salt on the wall is better for at least thirty minutes and rinse.
Against splashes of coke, coffee or tea, dry immediately with absorbent paper.

Stains from markers, pen, or gouache

Scribbles on the walls sooner or later happen to everyone! Stop your children's creativity and go with Marseille soap. In fact, to eliminate the stains of felt-tip pens, pen, or gouache, it will be enough to resort to hot water and Marseille soap, leaving it to act for at least half an hour. In case of more stains, even water and bicarbonate can be fine.

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